1How do I change my password?
Once you've registered and you're signed in you can change your password in the membership tab. It's at the top.
2Will the numbers of men and women be even?
Yes, we try to keep the split at 50/50 but this isn't always possible so the maximum male/female split will be 40/60 and visa versa.
3Can I bring a friend?
Of course, just make sure they buy their own ticket! We suggest not coming as a group though, you'll have more fun on your own or with just one friend!
4How many people are at each event?
This varies depending on the event. Anything between 12-30, we give you a guideline on each event page though.
5How much is it?
Standard membership is free. You just pay for the events you come to. They range from £20-£70 depending on the activity.
6How do I pick which events to come to?
Come to something you're interested in. If you aren't interested in the activity then you won't show your best side. There is nothing worse than not enjoying yourself! Also, don't overthink it. If you think it looks like fun then go with that instinct.
7What are the events?
Where do we start… Wine tasting, Cycle tours, Sunday brunch, axe throwing plus we’re adding more each month
8How do I book?
You can book events via the events page once you've signed up.
9What happens if I like someone?
You can ask for their details yourself or if you don't find the right moment you can ask the event host to drop them an email the next day. We like to make it as easy as possible!
10What if I don't like anyone?
The idea of all our events is that there is an increased chance of meeting someone you get along with. If you don't meet "the one" you should still have had a great time and have met some fab people. It's like spending an evening with friends.
11Why can’t I see any members profiles online?
We do things a bit differently at My Friend Charlie and we don’t put any members profiles up online. You’ll only meet people at events so get booking!
12What happens if I'm running late?
It's really important that you aren't late. You'll miss a significant portion of the event and it's really disruptive to everyone else. Some of the activities we run won't let you in at all if you're late either.
13How many events do people usually come to each month?
Most people want to come to one or two events each month
14Is my data safe?
Yes, you can read about our data protection in the T&C’s
15Why don’t you cater to the LGBTQ community?
This is something we are hoping to do in the (not too distant) future.
16Can I unsubscribe from emails?
Yes, in any email there is a link to unsubscribe from future emails
17Can I cancel my membership?
Of course, you’re not tied in to any subscriptions so you’re free to come and go as you please.
18Can I delete my profile?
Yes, Just drop us an email: bye@myfriendcharlie.co.uk
19Can’t find what you’re looking for?

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