Why sign up?

It’s totally free to register with My Friend Charlie. There’s no commitment; and you don’t have to come to any events (although we’d love to see you at some of them) and you can ask us to delete your profile at any time!

So why sign up? We like to make our events as safe as possible and to do this we ask you to give us some information about yourselves. All our events are ticketed – if you aren’t on the guest list then you won’t get in! Plus, you can’t buy tickets to our events anywhere else. Don’t worry though, no other users have access to any of your details as we don’t show profiles online.

Membership is open to Londoner’s in their 30’s and 40’s (give or take a couple of years). By registering your details you get access to some fun, social and sometimes wacky events with a great crowd of people.

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