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3 Top Tips To Navigate MFC Events

Looking to meet like-minded people in a space other than online? We don’t blame you, welcome to MFC, the events across the UK that have everything you need to eat, drink, think and move your way around your city meeting fun, out of the box thinkers looking to do something different and hopefully meet potential romantic connections too. 

We thought we’d kick-start 2020 with 3 Top Tips to navigate the dating event space successfully. Top take-aways, if you will, to keep things super simple 

#1 Have fun (lots of it!).

If you arrive with weighty expectations about finding the love of your life or x amount of numbers in your back pocket, then there’s a chance you’re setting your emotional self up to fail. Be open and fluid to the fun experiences you might have, have conversations with those people you wouldn’t normally meet in your busy city. This is a chance for you to have conversations in real life, with people who are looking for experiences and events over swiping left and right in their pyjamas, so embrace that.

#2 Challenge yourself to meet as many people as possible. 

Meet both sexes, make new friends and gain greater take-aways in conversation from each event you attend. We have seen people make new friends on the same wave-length as them as well as romantic connections develop and so be open to meeting new wing-men and wing-women as well as keeping an open mind romantically. You never know who you might meet and we know all too well how incredible friendships that can be cultivated from the MFC community, so work the room and own the event as though it’s your very own. 

#3 Forget what you know about singles events so far. 

If you’ve been to singles events before you may have a certain level of expectation on how they run, the people that run them or the ratio of attendees and how it all works. We advise to forget what you know about events so far as MFC is a whole lot different. Think group dating experiences where you meet new people, try new foods, drinks or engage in activities where friendships are often born. Eradicate the idea of awkward and embrace the fact that you’ll gain great experiences. 

What is your vision for dating differently in 2020? We know that you’re probably so over swiping, so we can guarantee we have you covered. Will we see you at our next MFC evening? We hope so.