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Bar of the Month – December – Nikki’s Bar

Nikki’s Bar is, like, totally tubular!

It’s best summed up as a massive throwback to the 80’s! The look is reminiscent of the infamous scene from Pulp Fiction where John Travolta and Uma Thurman boogie down on the dancefloor, although it doesn’t have the disco dancefloor.

It’s been created by the Adventure Venues team, the same team behind Bar Elba (which we previously raved about) and Tonight Josephine (which we will be reviewing soon). It’s hard not to compare Tonight Josephine with Nikki’s, so I’ll try not to until we get to the end.

The bar is trying to sell itself as a trip down the wrong side of town. Like that insane party you go to and the next day have to scroll through your phone to remember what you did. I am just not absolutely sure that is what it is. It’s going for a shock value that it doesn’t deliver on. I think it’s a good date venue or for pre-drinks, as it’s somewhere a little bit different to the usual.

The team behind this bar have kept one thing consistent about the décor across all their bars, that is the instagrammability (totally a word) of their venues. The bar is most known for having a bed, that is pretty much there just to take pictures on. Much like the other bars, the walls have quotes, posters and knick-knacks that all throw it right back to the 80’s and then some.

The best thing about Nikki’s bar is their drinks menu! The drinks are truly off the hook rad. They are an amazing remix of classic cocktails and some truly unique ideas that you might not have come across before. The flavour combinations are truly insane. My personal favourite is ‘Big Smoke’, which is a twist on a whiskey sour.

It is a nice and upcoming bar. It’s only been open for about two months and it’s trying to get a foothold in Shoreditch, where something garish hasn’t really taken hold. My personal opinion is that their big sister Tonight Josephine does the whole 80’s, garish, walk on the wild side, much better and with much more neon. But again, Nikki’s has only been around for a little while so where they decide to take it, is yet to be seen.

I like idea behind it, and it’s unique in the Shoreditch area, but I think the competition in Shoreditch for bars which have soul is extremely high.

Overall – 3/5 The biggest pull in my opinion is the cocktail menu. I would also recommend it if you’re a connoisseur and are already familiar with the Adventure Group venues. At the minimum, it’s worth getting a picture on that fast-becoming iconic bed!
Cost – Prices are decent, coming at an average of £11 for a cocktail.
Dress Code – Casual or smart casual. Although anything 80’s would be my answer to pretty much any question and I am mostly found in double denim.