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Bar of the Month – March – Megaro

I go to Megaro!

Megaro is one of the places that you would easily miss, but that’s not because it’s hidden, it’s because the bar is under the Megaro hotel, the hotel in itself is covered in the largest mural graffiti in London and is opposite King’s Cross station.

Although booking a table is recommended, I risked it on a Friday night and managed to get in. The first thing to note is that the bar is actually quite small. Looking at the reviews and pictures online, I thought it would be much bigger than what it actually was. But that’s a good thing if you’re on a date!

The bar is split into the main bar area, the Darkroom and the Picture room. We were given a seat in the Darkroom, which is inspired by old school cinema and theatre, with cinema type seating and a thick red curtain providing the background. It is the best area if you’re on a date, complete with tea lights and cosy tables.

The Picture room is the largest room and is best if for after work drinks or if you’re partying down. It’s the only area that has space to dance in as well. The décor is very black and white, including the walls which are adorned with black and white pictures.

The bar provides table service, and the mixologists were great at giving recommendations. I tried a few cocktails, but I’d picked something that was super sweet (my fault) so I asked to go off menu and they were happy to oblige.
One of the best things, in my opinion anyway, was the soundtrack to the evening. On Friday’s Megaro plays R’nB, hip hop and old skool party anthems from 90’s to 00’s. This included everything I used to love back when I was actually in school, mix that with good alcohol and I felt like I was back there, including the butterflies in my stomach every time I made eye contact with my date.

Overall – 3/5 It’s a great date place for post dinner drinks. It also serves as an awesome rest stop if you’re going out, out and has a decent happy hour from 5pm to 9pm. NB it’s free before 9pm but there is a door charge after that. Along with the regular Friday party anthems, they also specialise in Jazz and have sporadic music nights, worth checking out the website to see what’s on.
Cost – Cocktails are average price for London, coming in around £11.
Dress Code – Date night wear! Come on, we all have to put a bit of effort in right?

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