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Bar of the Month – October – Bar Elba

Pour Liberté, Pour Egalité, Pour…Rosé!

Napoléon’s exile is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a date spot, but allow me to change your mind.

London is a beautiful city that should be seen from all angles. To really see what London has to offer, catch all its sexy curves from a rooftop bar. Not just any bar, but one that most Londoners don’t even know about!

Bar Elba, the first stop to check out London from up top.

Situated opposite Waterloo station, like literally cross the road and walk towards the Old Vic. After about a minutes’ walk, you will see a small board with the words “Bar Elba” in pink pointing you towards what looks like an unassuming alley.

As you walk down it you will see friendly door staff standing outside of what looks like a random door. It is anything but that. Walk up six flights of stairs and you just found an oasis. The walk itself is quite exciting with quotes in funky fonts written across all flights. It put a smile on my face and much like the bar itself, it definitely presents some Insta moments!

I got to the last flight and was treated to my city, sitting there, waiting for me. I walked on to the bar and I noticed I could no longer hear the noise of the city. That’s right, I was opposite one of London’s busiest stations and I couldn’t hear the constant noise of traffic or people.

The way the bar is split, the tables closer to the entrance are more serene and quiet. But keeping walking around and towards the bar and the music perks up and is audible.

The bar is a proper cocktail bar, with a decent happy hour and a pretty good happy hour menu! The only thing I would advise is that they are limited on the beer they have to offer and the beer that they do have is by the bottle and is kind of pricey.

I would also suggest booking a table in advance, specifically towards the entrance because you will have London unfolding in front of view, a bit of a quiet place to speak and a wall with Bar Elba’s motto written on it in beautiful pink.

Overall – 3.5/5 The bar is awesome mainly because of the views it offers. On a sunny day, it’s hard not to take loads of pictures, it delivers style and is a must rooftop bar to visit, especially if you want to avoid other more expensive and packed rooftop bars.

Cost – Cocktails are around £11, beers bottles and cans are around £5/£6 and shots are not cheap either. Overall it is a pricey experience especially if you visit outside of the happy hour (4-6pm Monday to Friday). But check out their Facebook and Insta for some pictures and a couple of extra pounds is an ok tax for the views!

Dress Code – Smart casual, be mindful that there will be some stair climbing (if there was a lift, I didn’t see it).