Evans and Peel - best date venue review, London
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Date night in Earls Court is about to get a whole lot more exciting. 

If you ever find yourself feeling a little bit stuck with ideas to impress a date or just while heading out for drinks with some mates, then our bar of the month is about to add a whole new air of excitement to your social life. 

Evans and Peel Detective Agency situated in Earl’s Court is a drinking experience you won’t forget any time soon. Disguised as a Detective Agency, Evans and Peel is a speakeasy which will keep you on your toes from the moment you enquire about booking a table, to the moment you arrive and enter the interrogation room, to discussing the case in which you are detecting. Evans and Peel ask you very politely upon confirmation of your booking not to draw any attention to the doorway of the Detective Agency. 

When you arrive you’ll have to buzz the intercom and state your secret case name. After a moment of scrutiny you and your date (or mate) will have to head downstairs into the basement where you’ll arrive at the desk and have to give more details about your appointment. You’ll be asked to tell the Detective on duty more about your case and only when he is satisfied will you be allowed to enter the bar. 

You can stay in character for the evening or you can resume normality once you’ve entered into the speakeasy bar through the secret entrance, which we won’t reveal to ensure you really do have the best experience with E&P. 

When inside you can sip gorgeous handcrafted cocktails by candlelight. The ambience is everything you imagine a speakeasy to be, low key chitter chatter, exposed brickwork, a selection of whiskies and a scattering of newspapers (menus) you can even grab a bite to eat, should the mood take you. For great drinks expect infused gins, a gorgeous selection of spirits and great service from the bar staff who really know their stuff. 

If the suspense is killing you (and we know it is) then what are you waiting for? Make an enquiry and get your case taken care of by Evans & Peel. Trust us, their attention to detail is exactly what you’re looking for on date night. 

Overall:  4.5/5 

Cost: £££ 

Dress code: Smart Casual

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