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Breaking Bad Themed Cocktails – Great Activity Date!

What can I say; I love cocktails, so when I found out about a place to create cocktails which are inspired by the hit TV series – Breaking Bad how could I resist going to give it a try.

Breaking Bad is a fantastic show and if you haven’t seen it, well… what have you been doing? Fortunately, you’re in luck – as the show has now finished you can binge watch it in its entirety and trust me, once you start you won’t be able to stop!

Just like the show, you are making your creations in an RV of course this time it’s cocktails, rather than anything illegal! Of course, you will still need the proper protection to do this and the famous yellow hazmat suits are provided with gloves and gas mask as well. How much you actually want to wear is up to you (you’re not really going to suffer any poisonous gases) but it’s much more fun to play along.

This is the creation of ABQ London (sister company to The Bletchley) and they are now firmly settled in a new location, a 5-minute walk away from Hackney Central. In this new location, there is the all-important RV and a great new main bar to try out. I may have to go back again to check out the new extras.

£32.50 gets you 2 hours in the RV making 2 cocktails and also includes a welcome drink which can all be non-alcoholic if you prefer. Dress up, follow the instructions and look out for the surprises in store and you will definitely have an amazing time!

Cost – Not going to break the bank and great value for what is included

Dress Code – No need to dress up. You’ll be wearing the hazmat suit over whatever you wear anyway

Overall – 5/5 I LOVED IT! As a fan of the show, there are so many little extras that they have got exactly right. Even if you have never watched the show it is still lots of fun.


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