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Could you crack the code at The Bletchley? – Great activity date

The Bletchley is more than just a bar. In fact if you want a drink here you have to work for it. Don’t worry they’re not going to make you jump behind the bar but you will have to use your mental skills. Combine this with cracking codes and using the enigma machine to communicate with the staff and only then will you get to taste the cocktail concoctions put in front of you.

This creative bar is located on the King’s Road, in the heart of Chelsea and next to the famous World’s End Market. The nearest train stations are Fulham Broadway and Imperial Wharf which are about a 15 minute walk away but there are an array of buses that stop directly outside too.

The experience is very popular and booking is advised to guarantee your time slot, especially as it is only open from Wednesday to Sunday but it is definitely worth the wait. The codes start as soon as you book as you are given a special word or phrase that you have to repeat to be allowed to enter this exclusive bar.

When you go downstairs you are transported back to World War 2 and greeted by the commanding officers on duty. Outfits are supplied including jackets and hats so that you can look the part without even worrying about what you are wearing. If that wasn’t enough you even start off with a welcome cocktail, something to lubricate those brains before they are challenged.

Each table has their own enigma machine so everyone gets a chance to take their turn and get involved. Different clues for different drinks as well so you can still choose what you want to drink and mocktails are available too for those non drinkers out there.

The whole experience lasts for 1 hour 45 minutes but if you are struggling to crack the codes there are lots of army staff to help you out. The main fun is trying to solve everything but you also want the drink too and time can go very quickly in the bunker!

Cost – Prices start at £34.99 per person and include 3 drinks. 1 welcome and 2 cryptic / mission cocktails with all available as non alcoholic options.

Fancy Scale – Some people do dress up but it is certainly not a requirement and the jackets and hats provided are enough if you want to be casual.

Overall – 4 / 5 A quirky experience and lots of fun


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