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Date Night Destinations – Manchester – Castlefield

Manchester has become such a hub of hangouts that we know all too well how it can be hard to hone in on a place to take your next date or mate to. Welcome to date night destinations, a rundown of some of the city’s loveliest little spots so you can leave the biggest decisions to what to order on the drinks menu. 

Let’s head to Castlefield, the city’s water corner for cosy spots, cool bars and some incredible dining experiences. 

Barca Bar 

This is a little place by the canal you absolutely cannot go wrong with. Come rain or shine you can sip your way through their extensive drinks list and watch the world of Manchester go by. It’s a quaint place that has an indoor option for you to find a quiet corner to chat the evening away in or outdoors you can pull up a chair on the decking and watch the barges as they navigate their way around the locks in the city centre. Castlefield is pretty dreamy for date night destinations if you ask us.

Lock 91 

This is a hidden gem right at the end of Deansgate locks that promises to bring you the ‘cheers factor’. From cocktails to ales, this spot has it all so highly recommended, especially when you’re a little unsure where to go or what your date might fancy. As you make your way through this date night destination you’ll be spoilt for choice of corners to grab for a catch-up. Take your pick from the drawing-room to the parlour, the lounge, the attic or even the terrace should sunshine in Manchester threaten to show its glorious face.

Alberts Shed

Dare to take your date night to the next level? Dinner perhaps? This is one place where the customer service seeks to impress and the fact that Champagne Friday’s is a thing here will encourage you to take your date from drinks to dining. The menu is varied, extensive and this perfect dining place has outdoor seating for you to take in canal-side views, be a great conversation starter or just a space for you to feel like you’re away from the hustle and bustle of the coolest city ever. 

Take your pick from any of these gorgeous establishments. You’re bound to impress as you work your way around the city in any of our date night destinations. So, grab your coat and head to Castlefield.