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Dating Attitudes: It’s All in the Mind(set)

We’ve all heard the horror stories – dates with poor table manners, inappropriate humour and the ones who turn up late… not to mention the ones who don’t turn up at all. It’s well-known that it can be a minefield out there for singles looking for love.

But what if one simple change could alter our so-called bad experiences and allow us to take away something more from them than just another cringey story? There’s no reason why you can’t take something positive from every experience – however good or bad.

In fact, this advice can be boiled down to a basic psychological concept – fixed versus growth mindset. Singles with a fixed mindset will base their successes and failures on innate ability – we all have that friend who comes away from a date having dismissed it as “just not meant to be”. Alternatively, a person with a growth mindset views failures as a learning experience, and don’t let themselves get discouraged by negative outcomes. They’re also more likely to be open to a second date, simply to give it a chance.

Next time you’re sat in front of a date and it’s not going the way you expected, don’t give up on it straight away! You’ll never know what a person can bring into your life – it could be something as simple as a great restaurant recommendation, or as meaningful as giving you a fresh perspective for a business idea. Change your mindset, think about it as a chance to learn something new, and just enjoy the experience.