Singles events - group of singles enjoying wine tasting
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“Dating events seem rather taboo to me, like a last resort in meeting people because I’m so used to online dating. I guess I’ve never been before so please tell me how they’ve modernised from what I’ve heard and have in my mind” 

Sarah Louise Ryan says:

It’s true the dating events used to be, for lack of a better word, drab. We used to meet like-minded potential suitors in socially, geographically and economically matched environments to our own and dating itself was less time invested or ventured, therefore, singles events could feel like an inauthentic way of meeting and a leap out of what was then deemed the social norm. 

Skip to 2020, we’re in a world of modern meeting where online dating has been at the forefront of meeting options for over two decades and dating events took a back seat. In many opinions, those events that were available seemed not so carefully curated with lacklustre in innovation, sense of community and experiences. The intention seemed to have been to pull singles through the door and hope they will stick together (maybe forever, who knows?) But not to worry, that was then and this is now. Things have changed drastically and it’s important that you forget what you thought you knew about dating events and try your hand at experiencing something entirely new and innovative in the offline space.

With a demand for dating differently on the rise and time-poor professionals feeling a bit stuck but wanting to do something beyond swiping, something had to change. MFC has modernised dating differently in the offline singles space with the focus and intention being on connection and carefully curated group experiences. Meeting should be low-pressure, the way it used to be but this time meeting over like-minded interests, exploration in food and drink, stepping out of one’s comfort zone to connect with new friends, and then, something more might come after. The best and most fulfilling relationships are built on friendship in the first instance and I think you’ll find a tonne of new friends at MFC events. 

Glenn Oscko says:

You’re right; dating events always have seemed a little taboo and not perfect in the past for many people. However, I need to stress that “in the past” is exactly where that mindset needs to stay, as dating events these days are (generally speaking) lightyears from where they used to be. Whilst some events persist in the “smash single people together in an awkward situation and hope for the best”, more and more events these days are established and run with the aim of having a fun time regardless of whether or not you meet someone, with potential romance being a wonderful bonus. Simply spending some time around other single people is remarkably uplifting, and takes the pressure away from the sense that you should be on the hunt for someone from the second you arrive.

The trick is to treat it as a fun night out doing a cool activity that you’ve always wanted to do, be that throwing axes, drinking new gins or anything which is going to make you smile. Then you can turn up and enjoy it pressure-free, all while knowing that every other person there is in the same boat and will either be a potential romantic interest or, if not, then someone you can laugh about your dating challenges with. Even if you don’t meet the love of your life, you might well make a friend for life, which is every bit as good an outcome.

You can submit your dating questions over to Sarah and Glen for review over at and if you would like to get offline and get connected join us by checking out our events here.