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Hunted Experience Review – Great for Activity Dates

Have you ever wondered if you could survive on the run? Well wonder no more, now you can have a go and see for yourself with the new Hunted Experience.

Based on the Channel 4 TV show of the same name, Hunted gives you the test to see if you can lay low and avoid capture. You will need your wits about you though as you use your phone to work your way around London solving puzzles and communicating with the extraction team.

Will you make it to the extraction point? Well that is not guaranteed; it wouldn’t be called Hunted if there weren’t Hunters chasing you and some of you WILL NOT make it back! (Don’t worry too much though you’ll still live to tell the tale.) I can’t tell you what happens when you are caught as I was one of the lucky few who escaped and reached extraction. A couple of close calls with the Hunters but we managed to run like our life depended on it, out of sight. The heat wasn’t my friend that day!

The immersive game takes place in different London locations so even if you have been before you can experience another game, if you fancy the extra challenge. Lasting 90 minutes be prepared to walk, run and in some cases panickingly flee from your hunter as you realise who they are. You must outwit the hunters and gain enough points to ensure that you can be extracted.

You can fly solo or work in a team of up to 3 people. A fun activity date or a competitive challenge date it’s up to you. Although based on the amount of walking it might be better for the heels to be left at home and wear some comfy flats or trainers (guys that applies to you too.) Once you finish at the extraction point you can celebrate your escape or commiserate your capture as all players will eventually be reunited with many stories to tell.

Prices start from £32.99 per person for a team of 3

Cost – ££. It won’t break the bank

Fancy scale – Casual. No need to dress up, be comfortable

Overall – 4/5 stars! A fun way to challenge yourself

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