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July 25, 2017
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Love at First Sight

This is London. We don’t make eye contact!

Hold on then, how are you supposed to meet anyone, because love at first sight can’t happen if you don’t look anyone else in the eye.

Let me tell you a little story:
I am notoriously bad at making eye contact. It is not just because I live in London, I really have to make myself make eye contact, particularly with good looking guys. I was incredibly shy as a child, for those of you who know me now, this may be hard to imagine as I talk A LOT. It doesn’t make a difference, I still have to give myself a boot up the arse to smile at a good looking stranger! I was a dinner with a friend a few months ago and on a table across from us were 3 guys of similar age and nice, normal looking people. I’d noticed one of them look over at me so what did I do? I looked away immediately, straight at my friend and proceeded to ignore their table for the rest of the evening – is there really no hope…. My friend who had watched this and seen quite literally nothing happen, gave me a fairly stern talking to. How on earth do people meet if they ignore everyone. Good point. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not doing it to be rude, it’s just a stupid hangup from childhood I’ve not quite trained myself out of. God forbid if I look at someone and they talked to me…. Oh right, I NEED that to happen to meet someone. Crap.

So having been read my rights by my friend I decided to test this eye contact theory out. I was going to look the next stranger who looked interested (and interesting) in the eye and see what happened. Now I was thinking I was on safe ground and this couldn’t happen in the near future. How wrong I was. I got on the tube the next evening after a few drinks with friends (dutch courage), propped myself up against the window at the front of the carriage and took my phone out. Standard practice for avoiding other humans. The next tube stop this cute guy got on, sat down a few seats away and looked at me… ah…. so I took a deep breath, looked right back at him and smiled, like a small, friendly, slightly encouraging smile. He came over to talk to me! I was so surprised I nearly dropped my phone. We chatted for a bit and got on pretty well, well enough that I’m going on a date with “tube-boy” as he is now known! It may or may not be love at first sight but at least this way I’ll get to find out!

Watch this space and let me know if you try it!

Charlie x

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