Glen Ocsko - Dating & relationship expert
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MFC is delighted to keep up the momentum with team expansion across the UK and is also thrilled to share that we have another amazing expert on hand to help get singles over any hurdles they feel might be holding them back in modern dating. 

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce Glen Ocsko to the My Friend Charlie cohort. 

Glen, who is better known on his online blog A Dating Dad, shares the trials and tribulations of modern dating for the whole world to see. Glen talks from the perspective of a busy professional looking to get connected IRL, who like you, is also always looking for quality over quantity in experiences. Glen is also a single parent who knows all too well the intricacies of being time-poor yet still keen to navigate the dating scene. Having shared the ups and downs of dating today with the masses on his blog, Glen has found himself to be an influencer in sharing knowledge in the world of dating in the UK.

For those of you in the MFC loop, you might remember that we recently introduced our new Resident Dating Expert, Sarah Louise Ryan. Together, Glen, Sarah and the rest of the nationwide MFC team plan to decode modern dating and define what works, what doesn’t work and what singles could do differently to successfully set themselves up for finding love in the real world, making offline connections. 

Here’s what Glen had to say about joining the MFC team: 

“I’m super excited to be joining the awesome people at MFC to help people work through the best and worst of their dating dilemmas! Back when I started dating there wasn’t really anyone I could turn to for advice and support, or just to ask stupid questions to. I’ve spent years making all the mistakes around, so am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and advice so other people won’t have to make those mistakes themselves.” 

Since opening our offline dating doors in London over two years ago we have launched in London, Bristol and Manchester and are growing rapidly. With that said, we are mindful that we don’t just want to provide awesome events, we always want those singles who put their faith in us to do things differently, to take away a truckload of valuable advice too so they can set themselves apart on the modern partnering path.

Onboarding experts and area managers of our cities who are huge advocates for helping singles connect in real-time is really what is going to set MFC apart in the singles events space. Keep your eyes peeled and more on our Dating Dilemmas Decoded initiative to follow.