Murder express - best date venue review, London
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Murder Express Review – Great for Food and Immersive Activities

All aboard the Murder Express! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when a friend suggested this but I’m always willing to give anything a try (up to a point anyway).

The name sounded very ominous and I wasn’t entirely sure that I would survive the night. The only information I had was that I would be getting a 3 course meal designed by the 2016 Masterchef finalists Billy and Jack. So at least I’d be going out well fed if the worst did happen.

There is an air of mystery about the whole experience so I won’t tell you more now but rest assured you will be sent further details when your booking has been confirmed. The secret location is a 10 minute walk away from Bethnal Green underground station or 5 minutes from Bethnal Green overground station.

It is quite exciting when you finally spot the sign for where The Murder Express departs from. When you enter you are transported back into the past and greeted by the ticket inspector. They check your name off of the booking list and then you’re able to grab a drink in the Seven Sins platform bar while you wait for the train to board. Have a look out for the special themed cocktails if you fancy something different.

The Seven Sins bar is where the fun begins as you meet your fellow ‘passengers’ and get to know a bit more about their intriguing characters. Before you know it you’re onboard the train itself, sat in your luxury compartment as you’re whisked off to the town of Murder.

Course by course you will not only give your tastebuds a workout but your brain a challenge too, as you try to work out who everyone is and what their reason is for being on the train. The ‘passengers’ do mix around as well so you should get to chat with everyone. In regards to the food a vegetarian option is available and you even get a stylish little bag to place on the table next to you. This snazzy little accessory not only looks good but is the way for the staff to know who is vegetarian amongst the dining cart so make sure you display it clearly.

Sadly a murder did occur on the train and we all had a chance to deduce who the culprit was before everything was revealed in dramatic fashion upon our return.

A fun and delicious evening awaits you as long as you’re willing to play along. You’ll get more out of the experience and you’ll have a lot more fun too.

Prices start from £53 excluding drinks

Cost – £££ A bit more expensive but still value for money

Fancy scale – Whilst there is no dress code it would be good to dress the part

Overall – 4 /5 stars! Great food, great characters and a whole lot of fun