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Princess Charming – Guest Blog

We all know first impressions count so we asked one of our members for a few tips. These stem from actual dates, cringe…. Yes, it should be common sense and I can see some of you rolling your eyes but we’re all guilty of getting it wrong occasionally.  


Be the person that you would want to date….

How would you want your date to behave? Isn’t it fair that they expect the same from you?


The first few dates are surprisingly similar to a job interview. Favourable traits that may lead to a long-term job offer include:


  • Smiling and good humour: try to be pleasant! It’s astonishing how quickly good cheer disappears with nerves or, possibly less forgivably, over-enthusiasm to thoroughly evaluate your new date’s credentials.
  • Dress to impress: although it’s good to be aware that red trousers teamed with loud stripy socks will only appeal to a certain audience
  • Modesty: you don’t have to outline your entire CV at the first meeting. Some of the magic lies in the unknown
  • Extra-curricular activities: try to talk about something other than work
  • Common courtesy: “ghosting” people may come back to haunt you…. possibly closer to home than you expected [having to hide in a cupboard at work is tricky to explain]
  • It’s not tenable to keep 3 full-time jobs on the go at once: many people think this about relationships too. And it’s certainly bad form not to tell the old job that you’re out interviewing for a new one…
  • Mobile phones: HELLO, I’M ON A DATE. Please put your phone away! We can all manage a couple of hours social media free
  • Drinks before a date: A small one for Dutch courage is ok but leaving work at 4pm Friday and staying in the pub until your 8pm dinner date? That’s less likely to improve the situation!
  • Grammar: The position of apostrophes is well known to be the secret to eternal happiness, but forgetting basic politeness will mean that you remain alone with only your perfectly positioned apostrophes for company
  • This one time, at band camp: Telling entertaining stories over pudding in a charming French bistro and recounting that classic story about your brother getting his willy out at the synagogue? Maybe that’s one for the second date.
  • Who am I?: Be yourself, there is only one of you so if you don’t do it who will. Just keep the above in mind….