Dating tips - first aid tips for surviving Christmas with family when single
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Surviving Christmas

10 Tips on How To Survive Christmas

  1. Take some “you time”. Chances are that you’ve hobbled through the last few weeks of work with office Christmas parties, too many mince pies and buckets of mulled wine and you’re in serious need of a break. Take some time to yourself and don’t feel guilty about doing it!
  2. Enjoy some family & friends time. Whoever you’re spending Christmas with, enjoy their company. It’s easier said than done, Christmas can be stressful, but take a step back and try to look at it with a new perspective.
  3. Do something different in the lull between Christmas and New Year. Learn a new skill, read that book, volunteer. There are a-million-and-one options – let us know what you get up to.
  4. STOP DATING over Christmas, SERIOUSLY. The time to date is not when you are being grilled on the state of your love life by well-meaning family and friends. Take a break from it and come back refreshed and in the right mood in the new year, dating for dating’s sake won’t make for a good night out!
  5. On this previous point; Answering the dreaded “How’s the love life” question. NEWSFLASH – you don’t have to answer it! Smile, change the topic. Failing this, ask them how their love life is*. (*this may lead to more information that you want so use with caution!)
  6. Exercise! I don’t mean take up Obstacle Course Races (unless you want to) but go for a walk, get outside, do 20 star jumps, try Prancericse. It doesn’t matter what you do, just do it!
  7. Pick up the phone to an old friend. There’s always someone who has drifted slightly away; whether you or they have moved, had kids, got a new job just give them a call. You’re probably on their mind too (just don’t call an ex…).
  8. Don’t look at your work emails unless you are in the office. 99% of the time it can wait, enjoy your time off and put your phone away.
  9. Make ONE really good New Year’s Resolution. You can do anything you want, but you can’t do everything. Pick one and make it count.
  10. Watch this ridiculous video of me as an elf. Happy Christmas everyone and see you at an event in 2019!