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The Cauldron – Review – Activity Date

Love magical wizardry? – check. Love cocktails? – check. Want to use this magical wizardry to conjure your own cocktails? – check. Then you are definitely in the right place at The Cauldron!

Once you enter through the main door you descend into the mythical world and the fun begins. You are given your own robe and magic wand to help your spellbinding cocktails come to life. There is an enchanted tree that, with a tap of the wand, will give you a drink of your choice: beer, cocktail or mocktail. The cocktails are spookily good and even a novice magician will be able to concoct them without difficulty. At any point you can look around the room and see huge grins on every face. Cries of “oohs” and “aahs” echo around the room as new surprises are discovered, adding to the atmosphere. There are some special treats in store that I don’t want to ruin so will leave them as a surprise!

£29.99 gets you a 1 hour and 45 minute time slot where you can wizard up 2 cocktails and get a visit to the enchanted tree as well. For the non-drinkers you can even create your own mocktails.

Based a 5 minute walk away from Dalston Kingsland station The Cauldron is a great venue with a twist for your date night. The Cauldron has only been open for 7 weeks and is sure to be a big hit so get in now while you still can. Space is limited inside and you are advised to get there in good time ready to make the most of your allocated slot.

Susanna says “As soon as I heard about The Cauldron I knew that I wanted to go and it certainly did not disappoint! My phone is now full of photos as there is SO much happening, from the cocktails, to the costumes and the surprises. You will definitely have a great night!”

Our score: 5/5

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