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The Cheese Bar Review – Cheese Lovers Paradise

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE CHEESE! I’m not sure that there is a day that goes by when I don’t even have a little bit of cheese. I mean it goes with everything; well almost everything. I’ve not tried it on my cereal yet but you never know. With this addictive love I jumped at the chance to go to the Cheese Bar and test out their menu. Guess what I had a gouda time!

As if cheesy goodness wasn’t enough The Cheese Bar is in a great location. A 10 minute walk from Camden Station or only a 5 minute walk from Chalk Farm and the Roundhouse, smack bang in the middle of the markets there is so much to do and see in the area.

Now let’s get to the menu! I wanted to eat it all and it has all the bases covered from Brie to Burrata, Mozzarella to Angloumi you will definitely find something to excite your taste buds. The Blue Cheese Raclette is heaven and although it is served with meat there is the option to make this vegetarian if preferred.

Many people come for the grilled cheeses as it is how the Cheese Bar started. Originally working out of a truck only selling grilled cheese they quickly grew in popularity and then our dreams were realised as they moved into their permanent location in Camden. Hallelujah!

The highlight of the selection though is when we move to the desserts – GOAT’S CHEESE ICE CREAM! Yes, you read that correctly goat’s cheese as an ice cream. For me probably the most amazing thing I have ever tasted but I can definitely see that it can divide opinion. Give it a try and see what side of the spectrum you fall on. Alternatively, if you want something a little less unusual try the gin and tonic sorbet or maybe you haven’t had enough cheese yet (and who can blame you). If that is the case try the weekly cheese board.

This is a popular place to go and can fill up very quickly. Although it is not always necessary, you might want to think about booking to make sure that you get to stuff your face with that gooey goodness. You better brie-lieve you’ll love it (last one I promise).

Cost – Prices start from £6.50 for a grilled cheese to £28 for fondue to share. Although if you eat the entire menu it could be quite costly

Fancy Scale – No reason to dress up at all. It’s all about the cheese

Overall – 5/5 Anything with cheese gets me excited


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