Little Shuffle Club - Date venue review, London
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The Little Shuffle Club – Review – Activity Date

The Little Shuffle Club is one of those places you’ve probably heard about but never been. It’s in Shoreditch (obviously) and is tucked away behind a nondescript door, barely visible against a graffiti covered wall. During summer, on those rare sunny days, the entrance is through their courtyard, which is decked out in bright picnic benches and is a real hidden gem of a “beer” garden. The bar offers fridges full of craft beer, a handful of wines and a short but interesting cocktail menu. They don’t do food themselves but Voodoo Ray’s over the road will deliver you an excellent pizza the size of a small horse. 22 inches in the form of a pizza is big! It feeds 4 happily so bring your appetite or order it for a double date!

With shuffleboard tables starting at £10 for an hour and drinks starting at a fiver this is an excellent date venue. Friendly, relaxed and not painfully trendy this scores a solid 4/5.