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Bar of the Month – April – Roof East

The roof is definitely bringing the heat at Roof East in Stratford East London. Although it’s not quite a secret bar, it’s still not as well-known as it should be, which is a little odd considering how great a venue it is.

Roof East is probably your one-stop solution to one of the most epic dates possible. Why? I’ll tell you why! It’s a rooftop bar, and we all know (thanks to climate change) London (usually) gets a decent amount of sunshine in Spring and Summer. The views are not as great as some other rooftop bars – such as Bar Elba, which we covered before – but what it lacks in views it makes up for in everything else.

It’s super easy to get to, just get off at Stratford station and cross the road to the old mall. As you enter the mall find the lift that’s covered in Roof East info and it tells you which floor to get off at.

It’s not really fair to describe it as “just” a bar. To be honest, it’s an adult playground! The reason being there are a bunch of smaller themed bars where you can buy drinks, but the best part of this unique venue are the activities it offers.

Roof East not only boasts the only batting cage in London – a sure-fire way to break the ice with a new date or have a little friendly competition with your main squeeze – it also has a crazy golf course you can take a swing at (see what I did there?).

In between games, you can hit up one of the kiosk bars, or the bigger bar area that has seating outside to enjoy the sun. The drink prices are average for London, but the best thing is that you can continue ‘doing things’ which will, in turn, keep the chat going.

In the main bar area you can find a few other games, such as Jenga, or my favourite named game, Cornhole. That’s right, you take a weighted bag and throw it in a hole. I dare you to tell me that’s not a great conversation starter.

They’ve added a few more activities this year, which sound as epic if not more than what they previously offered. There’s now virtual foosball, curling, bowling, and shuffleboard as well as street food for when the activities leave you feeling peckish.

I mean, I could probably review each one of these separately because the place is that epic. They also had an outdoor cinema last year which was, dare I say, magical. They haven’t said whether that will be back on, but I think they already have enough things going for it to keep you and your date occupied.

Overall – 5/5 I don’t usually hand out 5s, but honestly, this place is IT for a date – whether it’s the first or the twenty-first! There’s plenty to do -start with drinks, and then move on to activities, food, or both. It’s great not just for a date, but to take your friends or colleagues to as well. It’s one of those places you’re likely to visit a few times just to check everything out. Also, if you can spend that much time with each other, then surely there’s something there right?

Opening: Hold your horses for a few weeks – Roof East officially opens on 17 April 2019. I’m just giving you all a heads up because I think you’re all well fit init…people still use that word too!

Cost – Cocktails are average price for London, coming in at around £10 each. But, you have to get tickets for each activity separately and each has varying costs. Keep an eye on the website to check prices and book tickets, although Jenga and Cornhole are free to play!   

Dress Code – They don’t have a dress code, but I would suggest you look your best for that special person that keeps making your stomach do flips.

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