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Top 10 Covid-Safe Dates

It’s easy to forget a time before all of this “new normal” – what did dating look like? What will it look like in the future? And truly, does anyone really know what it looks like now?

It’s a tough time to be single – when we can’t quite mingle, flirt or get up close and personal like we used to! Regardless, we at MFC are cutting through the noise and offering fun, safe and adventurous dates in London and Bristol (and soon Manchester again when all this nonsense passes!), but in addition to our events, here’s our pick of activities to keep you & your date entertained!!

Picnic date
  1. Picnics

Weather permitting, a (socially distanced) picnic in the park can be a fun and romantic way to spend an afternoon! Outdoor areas are much safer than being in close proximity indoors, and much more enjoyable too. Find a great location in a park, or venture out of your way to somewhere with a great view! Grab a bottle of bubbly, some tasty charcuterie and fancy bread, and don’t forget your date!!

Sunset cycling
  1. Bike rides

Bikes aren’t just for commuting – slow things down a bit and enjoy a casual cycle through the countryside, or sightsee around your city. Prefer things a little faster? Challenge your date to a race, you may just meet your match!

Country walk
  1. Country walks

There truly hasn’t been a better time to get out of the city and explore than now. Get out of the hustle and bustle and chat with your date as you explore the great outdoors! Turn it into a hike and go rambling up a hill if you fancy more of an adventure, just don’t get lost!

Date night ideas
  1. Museums and Art Galleries

Feeling cultured? Why not take your date to a museum or an art gallery and support the arts at the same time? Bond over Bosch, debate about Dali, just don’t Gogh within 1 meter of your date!

Online dinner kits
  1. Dinner kits / delivery over Zoom

So many amazing restaurants are now doing takeaway and delivery, it’d be wrong not to try them out! There are also fabulous dinner kit delivery companies such as HelloFresh or SimplyCook which make it oh-so-easy to cook together remotely! Why not order the same thing and set up the dinner table with a laptop for your date?

Cocktail making classes
  1. Cocktails over Zoom

Fancy yourself as a bit of a mixologist? Why not challenge your date to a cocktail-off and see what you can both make up? Let’s be honest, this is just an excellent excuse to have a drink or two (and clear out that Gomme syrup you have no other use for!), but it’d be rude not to!

Netflix and Chill
  1. Netflix Party

It’s safe to say “Netflix and Chill” is off the menu for a while now, so why not do the next best thing and get yourselves the Netflix Party app so you can sync up and watch a movie at the same time? Bonus points if you’re also both on Zoom – just don’t chat over the movie too much!

Spotify playlist
  1. Listen to Spotify together and create a playlist!

Hat tip to the house party DJ’s out there – we see you crouched by the speaker with the aux cord and we appreciate you! If you’re missing sharing those tunes, why not start a group Spotify session and take it in turns to add songs with your date and chat away into the night? Bonus: Save the playlist and you have your perfect “mixtape” to play when you’re together!

Go Karting
  1. Go Karting

And now for something a bit more adventurous! What could be more socially distanced than wearing helmets? Get more than just your heart racing as you challenge your date to the fastest lap! Many Go Karting venues have reopened safely already, and some are offering discounted rates to get people back onto the tarmac again! 

Online Games
  1. Online games over Zoom

Let’s be honest, we’re all sick of Zoom quizzes! Thankfully, there’s more you can do to spice up a socially distanced date over the now unavoidable app. Why not play a social game together like Never Have I Ever or Would You Rather? Or why not splash on Jackbox Games or even Tabletop Simulator and play something a little different? 

Of course, as we settle into this new normal, more and more venues are able to open up with their social distancing measures, and soon we’ll be able to do all of the fun activities that we missed, just… a little further away from each other than we’d like to be!