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Valentines Gift Ideas for Him & Her

3 unique Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her under £25


One of the biggest challenges and worries that we have when it comes to Valentine’s Day is ‘how much should we spend on each other?’. Most will agree that it’s the thought that counts over any price tag and this is definitely true. Whether you’re in a long term relationship or its a ‘fresh out the box’ new relationship then there are loads of great gift ideas that won’t break the bank and can add a modern twist to flowers or chocolates.


Setting a budget within the region of £25 is a fantastic starting point and always makes gift buying more fun, knowing you’ve got a price tag to stick to.


To help you find the perfect gift, Charlie has compiled her go-to wish list. Outlining gifts for him and her all under £25, this will certainly help to give you some inspiration!


Gifts for her


  1. A scrapbook


If you’ve been together for a long time, there’s no doubt that you’ll have made a tonne of unforgettable memories. From cute photos in scenic areas to fun-filled actives that you can’t wait to do again; scrap books are the perfect gift to share with your partner. Putting your own spin on this creative project by arranging the pages in order of the countries that you’ve visited makes for a fantastic memory book. Scrapbooks can also be a very cheap option and decorating each page with arts and crafts gives it so much character!


  1. A ‘pamper hamper’.


Pamper hampers are a brilliant gift idea for the options are truly endless! Picking a theme like bathroom toiletries or nail art gives you the option to browse through your partner’s favourite brands. Your hamper can include moisturisers, bath bombs, shower gels and fragrances. Putting them all in a beautifully wrapped box will be sure to create a thoughtful gift!


  1. Flower subscriptions


As much as getting flowers on Valentine’s Day is a common gift, think outside the box with subscriptions. If your partner is a big flower lover, rather than getting them a one-off bouquet, pick a subscription service that delivers a different set of flowers each month. The changes in scents and colours can give a real variety and not knowing what’s going to arrive next only adds to the excitement.


Gifts for him


  1. Personalised chef’s equipment


If your partner is really into their cooking, you can’t go wrong with buying personalised gifts and the best thing about them is that they’re hugely accessible. You can personalise almost anything! From wooden chopping boards to kitchen knives, you can begin creating a whole set tailored to your partner.


  1. Grooming subscriptions


Men’s skin and hair care is a real trend at the moment, especially subscription boxes. Many brands are re-defining how men get their skin care products; offering fragrances, moisturisers and more all within a monthly package for very reasonable prices. A great gift would be to purchase a few months’ worth of products for your partner to try out. These can range from big name brands to up-and-coming ones.


  1. An alcohol tour


Days out are always brilliant gifts and touring and trying different alcohols is no different. From making your very own to creating a personalised bottle, they’re incredibly popular – and for good reason. These trips allow you to have a hands-on day whilst learning about and enjoying the process of alcohol making, from the experts! With so many brands out there, you have a huge range to choose from.


Happy Valentines Day!